Richmond is an established leader in the supply of Bitumen - handling more than 600,000MT per year with a wide reach of markets including West and East Africa, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, Australia, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam. Richmond is also an established manufacturer and supplier of Bitumen products such as PMBs, emulsions and cutbacks.

Richmond's reputation is enhanced through its strong relationships with global refineries including Sinopec (China), SK Energy (Korea), IRPC (Thailand), Shell, Singapore, Singapore Petroleum Company (SPC). The Group also sources Bitumen from refineries in Bahrain and India and can source product from refineries in the United States & Canada.

Since 2013, the Group has been awarded major airport projects for manufacturing and supply of value added Bitumen products such as Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB).

For more information about our PMB supply capabilities, please refer to the Modified Bitumen section on our website.